Did you ever feel like your song is lacking that 'something' but you just can't figure out what? 

Are you stuck writing your new record? Don't stress.

With years and years of songwriting experience and helping with the writing process of bands like

18 Miles, Moments, Sealow, Dock 83, Hawser and many more... I'm happy to back you up.

Whether you’re working on bad-ass riffs that force you to bang your head or if you're making a touching balad, this is is where you get to level up your songs.

Simply send your demo's or GuitarPro files and I'll give you some new perspectives.


The process of recording in the studio is one of the most exciting things of making a record, but also one with the most variables and challenges. No size fits all!

Depending on your goals we aim for that sweetspot capturing the balance between emotion and precision. It's where you make the final tweaks and commit to your song.

You pick the right gear, get the sound right at the source and perform at your very best.


This is the process of fixing any unwelcome flaws in timing, tuning and synchronisation.

With only a bit of love your raw tracks will lock in with each other and form that cohesive wall of sound you´re after.

No more sloppy drum tracks or out of tune vocals.

At Cornerstone Audio you´re covered with every instrument you can think of.


The days of weak sounding guitars are over.

Whether you're going for a warm, smooth rock sound or the most brutal unforgiving tone you ever heard,

there's a wide range of world-class, mix ready tones for you to pick from.

Simply send your raw DI tracks and I'll get you the perfect fit for your sound.


Are your tracks recorded but are you missing that sense of depth, clarity and overall energy?

Are you a victim of a dull, boring mix...? 

I will make your songs come to life with that powerful and heavy hitting mix you hear on your favourite records.

We’ll discuss your sound preferences and some different stylistic options for your mix beforehand, so you can release your music sounding exactly as you intended.


Do you just need that push to go from gold to platinum?

Mastering is the final stage of making corrections to you mix and adding volume and energy.
Sound loud and proud through every system and on all streaming services