"No size fits all"

As an artist you're a visionary.

It’s your emotion, passion and integrity that makes your music unique. And that must be kept in tact to reach your fans in full effect.


This is no job for a machine and it deserves all the care in world!


Daan is a creative jack-of-all-trades, band dude, and owner of Cornerstone Audio.

Starting out as songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, Daan has been playing and touring in bands, for over 10 years. He understands the needs of a musician when making a record.

A homegrown passion for music and sound has evolved into a professional music career as producer and engineer.

As a producer Daan is known for his natural flow of getting involved in the creative process, his quick adaptivity and being easy to work with, but most of all for his drive for going the extra mile.

If you think you’ll be working with a non-interested engineer, that just hits the record button... *Buzzz!*

Think again. No size fits all.

The most fulfilling part of making a record is having that creative spark together, pushing each others limits, and celebrate the best possible outcome.

Let's make something you'll be proud of!


Cornerstone Audio is operating out of Studio JP in Wijk Aan Zee.

This studio is build in an old church that's now listed as monumental property.

From the moment you walk in you'll experience the feel and ambience of the live room is simply fantastic.